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de (12-9-2010)

Ruby is a sweet, loving and playful dog. He loves to play outside on the grass with all of my toys. He is like a bull with them. Chewing with all his might, even though he hasn’t grown all his teeth yet, he still has a heck of a bite for a little puppy.

Ruby can jump over the Great Wall of China. He lifts up his body all the way to the clouds to get a chew toy, a treat, or just because he loves you.

Ruby is a sleeping beauty. He sleeps whenever, wherever, and he has the beauty of a princess. When he walks the streets, he’s carried around, or whenever someone lays an eye on him he is always the center of attention, no matter where he goes. Think of it like a celebrity, just walking on the streets and everyone just starts crowding around him taking his picture or something like that. He is the smile to every person’s face. One look at him and BOOM!!! The mouth on every person’s face starts to rise up into a smile.

Ruby’s cuteness isn’t the only thing that makes people happy. I would have to say that his bark is the switch that turns on the “owwww” and the  “how adorable”  in people. And I agree, his bark is one of the main things that is cutest about him.

Ruby is a carnivore when it comes to food. He loves meat. We usually don’t feed him dog food. We feed him the salami or some type food like bologna. The good thing about Ruby is that he always eats the right amount of food and drinks the right amount of milk and water.

Ruby is the new Albert Einstein in the canine world. He is one of the smartest puppies I have ever seen.

About 2 weeks ago he was chasing a tennis ball that was rolling on the ground and then eventually it fell in the pool. He didn’t know what happened so he jumped into the pool trying to get the tennis ball. A few seconds later I came outside seeing him trying to swim to safety but he couldn’t. So I ran to the pool and picked him. He was shaking like a boat at sea. I wrapped him up in a towel and his little face was staring up at me, scared. I went inside and washed him and dried him and kept him warm. Now after that accident he never even comes close to the pool.

He also knows what to eat and not to eat.

Ruby is a very special dog to me and my family.

Anna Davtyan, Los Angeles, Aug/26/2010.


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