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The College of Charleston Cistern at Randolph Hall

This is the city of my heart. The College of Charleston is my alma mater and Randolph Hall, featured in many films for example: The Patriot, O, and The Notebook, is where for many hours I studied the classics. The oldest municipal college in America, it’s widely acclaimed for its international programs and faculty, as well as highly valued progrmas in business, communications, the sciences, languages and the arts. The cistern yard was once a location to draw water for the old city which was settled in 1670. Graduation in May of each year is a beautiful sight with all dressed in white with red roses to commemorate the history and the pride of being a part of the educational life here.

A Horse and Buggy on Meeting Street

Meeting Street in Charleston is the oldest and prettiest street here and part of the past which notes our city as having the largest historical district in America. Wealthy planters lived here and today you can take a carriage ride guided by one of us through the splendor and the memories of days gone by.

St. Michael’s Church at the corner of Broad and Meeting Streets

St. Michael’s Church is located on one corner of what the locals call the Four Corners of Law. It is the burial place of signers of the Declaration of Independence from Charleston and one of the loveliest structures where weekly Anglican services and special concerts are held during the year. It’s across from the City Hall, the Court Building and the Old Main Post Office. Here you can see fine examples of Charleston’s arhitecture. Every year, we kick off the Spoleto Festival from this special intersection as people from all over the world come to see performances from all over in all aspects of art and expression.

We are known as the friendliest city in the US. So come and visit sometime!


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