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Invitation Conference Romania

de (27-10-2010)








The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Transilvania” University Brasov


The Brasov School Inspectorate


The Technical College „Christian                   The National College „Áprily

Kertsch” Brasov                                               Lajos”Brasov

No.2233/15.10.2010                                          No.2050/18.10.2010

The „Christian Kertsch” Association               The International Association József Wildt

No.3/15.10.2010                                                 No.17/14.10./2010




taking place under the aegis of

  • The Society of Mathematical Sciences from Romania, the Brasov office
  • The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics from the

„Transilvania” University from Brasov

  • The Brasov School Inspectorate
  • The Scientific József Wildt Association
  • The Christian Kertsch Association

Distinguished guests:

–          Professor Emil Stoica, PhD  pro-rector at „Transilvania” University from Brasov

–          University lecturer Eugen Păltănea, PhD dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, „Transilvania” University from Brasov

–          Teacher Dorel Agache, General School Inspector at the Brasov School Inspectorate

–          Teacher Mária Szabó, Assistant to the General School Inspector at Brasov School Inspectorate


–          Teacher Cozeta  Ţion, Expert Inspector at the Brasov School Inspectorate

–          Teacher Mihaly Bencze – The National College „Áprily Lajos” from Brasov

–          Teacher Virginia Marinescu – The Technical College „Christian Kertsch” Brasov


–          Teacher Csaba Molnár, Inspector for technical subjects, Brasov School Inspectorate

–          Teacher Camelia Moldovan – The Technical College „Christian Kertsch”

–          Teacher Ciprian Doka – The Technical College „Christian Kertsch”

–          Teacher Anca Schmidt – The Technical College „Christian Kertsch”

–          Informatician Bogdan Barbu – The Technical College „Christian Kertsch”

–          Teacher Anca Popa Alexandru – The College „Emil Racoviţă”

–          Teacher Cristina Centea – The Technical College „Christian Kertsch”

–          Teacher Daniela Andreiu – The Technical College „Christian Kertsch”

–          Prof Mária Vandra – The National College „Áprily Lajos”

The reason of the project:

„Learning Mathematics, one learns to think

Grigore C. Moisil

Romania’s affiliation to the European Union involves harmonizing the Romanian educational system with the other European educational systems. The Program of Bologna traced common development directions for the university education and it is now necessary to find essential landmarks in the pre-university education as well as to form the young.

The suggested event will allow useful experience exchanges in the field of interactive teaching strategies and that of integrating multimedia technologies during the Mathematics classes. We aim at promoting the innovative teaching measures, at encouraging actions which allow the insurance of quality in education and the life-long constant professional training.

Mathematics is an essential subject in forming a young person. The actions dedicated to  „The Year of Mathematics in Romanian Schools 2010” allow certain ideas to be known. They also allow the knowledge of certain teaching-learning approaches of this subject in schools and they should be known by our teachers and students.

Gheorghe Mihoc stated „We shouldn’t educate children for what we are today, but for what they will be tomorrow

The Objectives:

  • Knowing the place held by Mathematics in the curriculum of different schools
  • Promoting modern methods of teaching, learning and assessment (including the computer-assisted learning)
  • Motivating teachers and students to use the interactive teaching methods and strategies which are specific to modern pedagogy
  • Motivating teachers and students for a serious scientific training in the field of professional competences.

Target group: teachers from elementary schools, from high schools, beginner teachers, senior students, people working on an M.A. and a Ph.D. within the Mathematical faculties.

The suggested sections:

  • Section I: Relevant aims/competences and contents for the Mathematical education of the young in Romanian and European Schools
  • Section II: Computer assisted Mathematical lessons
  • Section III: Themes, problems, Mathematical lessons – innovative and interdisciplinary approaches (contents, strategies, methods and  approaching/solving techniques)
  • Section IV: Mathematics and its connections with other fields of study (literature, arts, sciences, technologies, management etc).

Location: The Technical College of Constructions and Architecture „Christian Kertsch”

11Scolii Street, Brasov, 500059, Romania

Date: 10.12.2010

Participation Rules:

  1. Sending the paper and the registration form (see Appendix 1) to the contact persons. Deadline: 6.12.2010.

The contact persons are:

1. Teacher Camelia Moldovan, phone no.: 0040. 744 321 716, e-mail: (Part 1)

2. Teacher Anca Alexandru Popa, phone no.: 0040 723 068 360, e-mail:, (Part 2)

3. Teacher Mihaly Bencze, phone no :0040 268 273 632, e-mail: (Part 3)

4. Teacher Virginia Marinescu, phone no.: 0040 740 850 110, e-mail: 4)

You can also hand the paper and the registration form on December 5th 2010 at the symposium. The sent materials will not be returned. Valuable materials in electronic format, may contribute to the creation of an ISBN volume, on this topic. Each paper can have maximum two authors.

  1. The participation fee is 40 Ron/paper/author [please read point c) of the participation rules]. The fee must be sent until December 6th 2010 at this address: ASOCIAŢIA CHRISTIAN KERTSCH, in the account RO76BRDE080SV84870500800 (please mention „for conference”). The fee for students who participate at the symposium is 20 Ron. Foreign participants must send the equivalent of 15 Euro/teacher and 10Euro/student. The sum covers expenses for the printing of the Symposium portfolio, the participation diploma, the printing of the ISBN volume and the protocol.
  2. In order to prove you have paid the fee you need to send by mail a copy of the receipt; (the address is that of the college „Christian Kertsch”) and to send scanned copies of your receipts by e-mail to the contact persons. The persons who do not come at the Symposium will receive the diplomas by mail. For the printed volume they need to cover the mailing expenses: 15 Ron (aprox.3.5 Eur). All participants from the city and district of Brasov are asked to be present at the Conference.
  3. The material will be sent in electronic format MS Word (document „doc”) or Latex (document „tex”). Bibliographical references will be included (see Appendix 2).


All papers will be mentioned in the catalogue of the Conference. The participants will receive directly/by mail the diploma, the portfolio with the schedule of the activities, the catalogue and the special ISBN volume (for the printed papers).

Specification: The accommodation will be done according to appendix 1.

The Schedule of the Activities

December 10th 2010

The Technical College of Constructions and Architecture „Christian Kertsch”

2-2.30  Receiving the participants and the guests. Seeing a thematic exhibition.

2.30-5  Presenting the papers

5-5.30 Conclusions and diploma handing

Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,

the Transilvania University from Brasov

Lecturer dr. Eugen Păltănea

General School Inspector,

Teacher Dorel Agache

Principal of the Technical College “Ch. Kertsch”,     Principal of the National College “Aprily Lajos”,

Teacher Ildiko Brasoveanu                                           Teacher Pal Petki

The Christian Kertsch Association                                      The International Association József Wildt

President: Teacher Felicia Mereuţă                                       President: Teacher Mihály Bencze


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