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Teatrul național ‘Radu Stanca’ din Sibiu în turneu la Liverpool

de (17-10-2008)

ProFusion International Creative Consultancy brings to Liverpool two extraordinary productions of the prestigious ‘Radu Stanca’ National Theatre of Sibiu, Romania.

“Romanian Connections is a unique moment in which a significant cultural event has travelled from its base in the Romanian city of Sibiu (2007 European Capital of Culture) to enrich the period of celebration in the city of Liverpool (2008 European Capital of Culture).

The events making up Romanian Connections in Liverpool during November 2008 aim at communicating a sense of the depth and richness of Romanian culture, but the season is focused around two distinct and contrasting aspects of Romanian theatre. At one end of the scale is the revival of a famed international classic, Waiting for Godot, featuring two of Romania’s most respected actors, and directed by the internationally acclaimed director Silviu Purcarete. On the other end of the scale is The Ball, a show which sums up a new exploration by younger generations in the theatre, of the country’s recent history; in a fragmentary postmodernist style, a seamless mix of dance and music, humour and tragedy.

The contrast reveals the strength and vigour of a theatrical scene which is already known throughout Europe, as the result of previous forays during the 1990s. In Britain these included the visits of such directors as Andrei Serban, Silviu Purcarete, Mihai Maniutiu, and Tompa Gabor, along with a succession of young playwrights to the Royal Court; the establishment of a theatrical network through colleagues like Richard Demarco CBE and Sir Richard Eyre; programmes, such as the NOROC theatre Exchange during the 1990s, which was run by UNITER – Union of Theatre People in Romania and supported by the British Council; and, of course, important productions like the Hamlet directed by Alexandru Tocilescu, with Ion Carmitru in the title role, at the National Theatre in London.

The current Romanian Connections season, product of a successful partnership between the public and private sectors, brings in theatrical personalities, such as Constantin Chiriac and Silviu Purcarete, who are already well known in Britain, and through whom British audiences can better acquaint themselves with the culture of the country. As it happens this is, also, the first Romanian event of its scale and calibre to be seen in the North West, or indeed, anywhere in Britain outside of London, and it catches a unique moment in which the 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations have opened up new opportunities for cultural co-operation and for constituting new cultural markets.

Over the last two years Romanian film has made a striking impact all over Europe, and we hope that the Romanian Connections tour will open a door to yet another cache of cultural treasures waiting to be discovered.” (Ramona Mitrica & Mike Phillips, ProFusion International Creative Consultancy)

For a taste of Romanian culture, the theatre shows are accompanied by a debate on relevant contemporary issues, a foot-stomping and hip-swinging concert of Eastern European magnitude, and a special Romanian guest at Tate Liverpool (see full programme below).

This unique Romanian cultural venture is the first major exercise in promoting Romania and its culture in North West England, and it comes through the joint efforts of ProFusion International Creative Consultancy, a London-based organiser of events, and The ‘Radu Stanca’ National Theatre of Sibiu, with the backing of the two foremost Romanian non-governmental organisations in the UK: The Ratiu Foundation and The Romanian Cultural Centre in London.

Romanian Connections is financed through Promocult, the Romanian Government’s programme to promote Romanian culture in the European Union. With the generous support of The Embassy of Romania in the UK, The Romanian Cultural Institute in London and The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Romanian Connections are about continuity. Liverpool is European Capital of Culture 2008 – the successor of Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007. Sibiu is landlocked in the Transylvanian plains and Liverpool is famous for its maritime history, but the two cities are connected by their enduring cosmopolitan and multicultural traditions.

Local communities ensured that in Sibiu – as in Liverpool – culture flourished and attained very high standards; and the most important connection is that theatre, and the arts in general, are the closest one can get to a universal language. So the Romanian soul, pathos and humour, and an idea of what Romania is, can be conveyed to UK audiences directly in “the language of the heart”.

These are the Romanian Connections. Laugh with us, cry with us, in the tradition of “râsu-plânsu” (laughter-crying) that best characterises the Romanian soul. But, most of all, we hope you will become a friend.

For further details contact us: For more information, including images and future press releases, please go to

The Ball
theatre performance directed by Radu Nica
The Contemporary Urban Centre, 41-51 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BS • See map
Tel. 0151 708 3510. Tickets: £5.00. Book your seats in advance from

Waiting for Godot
theatre performance directed by Silviu Purcarete
The Contemporary Urban Centre, 41-51 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BS • See map
Tel. 0151 708 3510. Tickets: £5.00. Book your seats in advance from

Connected events:

Welcome to the Union – Contemporary Romania in the European Context
Debate on Romanian contemporary issues with Dr Mike Phillips and guests, including
Alex Drace-Francis – lecturer in Modern European History, University of Liverpool
The Contemporary Urban Centre, 41-51 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BS • See map
Tel. 0151 708 3510. Entry is FREE but booking is essential. Book your seats in advance from

Paprika Balkanicus live in concert!
Paprika Balkanicus bring to Liverpool a tornado of tunes and the best party atmosphere ever.

The Contemporary Urban Centre, 41-51 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BS • See map
Tel. 0151 708 3510. Tickets: £5.00. Book your seats in advance from
Followed by Opening Party at 8 PM (entry by invitation only).

Details from:

Artists Adrian Ghenie and Adam Cvijanovic in conversation with Simon Grant,
within Late at Tate

Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4BB • See map
Tickets: £7.00 (£5.50 concessions) £4.00 concessions. Box office: 0845 600 1354.


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