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de (9-6-2008)

Parliamentarians from across Eastern Europe meet in Tirana

The Albanian Parliament, the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank (PNoWB), and the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Region are organizing a gathering on June 3-4 of about 40 parliamentarians from across Europe to exchange experiences on topics of relevance for countries in transition. The meeting of Southeast, Central and East European parliamentarians comes at a critical time in the process of EU integration, with most of the countries invited to the conference being either already EU members, or are actively involved in various stages of discussions with the EU.

Europe and Central Asia Regional Unit is Recognized for Monitoring and Evaluation Efforts
The World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group recently recognized the ECA Region for taking steps toward better results-based M&E at the project, country, and Regional levels.


Supporting cooperation on transboundary water management and biodiversity conservation
Neretva and Trebisnjica Management Project (US$8m)
Approved, May 29
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia

Conserving biodiversity in critical forests and mountain ecosystems
Forest and Mountain Protected Areas Project (US$3.4m)
Approved, May 29
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Improving water supply and sanitation (WSS) services
Second National Water Supply and Sanitation Project (US$230m)
Approved, May 27
Baku, Azerbaijan

Improving delivery of labor market and social protection interventions
Social Protection Development Project (US$26.7m)
Approved, May 27
Baku, Azerbaijan

Helping manage Lake Skadar-Shkodra more efficiently
Lake Skadar-Shkodra Integrated Ecosystem Management Project (US$4.55m)
Approved, May 27
Albania, Montenegro

Helping to expand capacity and improve competitiveness of exporting firms
Fourth Export Finance Intermediation Project (EFIL IV) (US$300m)
Approved, May 22
Ankara, Turkey

Reducing vulnerability to and limiting losses from natural and man-made hazards
Disaster Risk Mitigation and Adaptation Project (US$9.2m)
Negotiated, May 20
Tirana, Albania

Supporting a fiscal policy reform program
Economic Management Structural Adjustment Credit (US$34m)
Awarded for focusing on Results, May
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Supporting policy reforms
Fourth Poverty Reduction Support Operation(US$22.7m)
Approved, May 27
Tbilisi, Georgia


Ukraine’s response to the global food crisis
Fourth Poverty Reduction Support Operation(US$22.7m)
Released, May
Kiev, Ukraine


NGOs awarded grants
Small Grants Program
May 26
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

NGOs awarded grants
Small Grants Program
May 27
Zagreb, Croatia

NGOs awarded grants
Small Grants Program,
May 28
Astana, Kazakhstan


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