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Invitation: Exhibition opening – Romanian Sets in an American Setting

de (17-9-2007)

THU, September 20 | RCI – the Gallery and the Auditorium

Evening Encounter with director Alexa Visarion

We are happy to renew our invitation to take a peek at some of the works of three Romanian set and costume designers in the US (Oana Botez-Ban, Marina Draghici, Nic Ularu), while meeting the film and theatre director Alexa Visarion and watching his debut movie, Ahead of the Silence.

7–8 pm, The Gallery at RCI
EXHIBITION OPENING: Romanian Sets in an American Setting with stage and costume designers Oana Botez-Ban, Marina Draghici, and Nic Ularu.

Oana Botez-Ban, Marina Draghici and Nic Ularu are Romanian-born creators whose talent, rooted in their homeland, found flourish and expansion in the US. Initiated and curated by Nic Ularu, the exhibition offers a timely glimpse into some of the artists’ recent creations in context of their inherent reflection of qualities particular to the Romanian school of design. The exhibition is on view through October 20.

8–9 pm, RCI Auditorium
EVENING ENCOUNTER with film and theatre director Alexa Visarion

The evening continues with theatre and film director and screenwriter Alexa Visarion in dialogue with Corina Şuteu. Visarion will discuss his career, which spans nearly 40 years both in Romania and internationally, and his work with American and Romanian-American Theatre. In addition, Saviana Stănescu will present two books by Visarion which were recently published in Romania: Cortina de cuvinte (Universalia, 2007) and De la Ziditorul la Zidirea (Universalia, 2007).

9–10:30 pm, RCI Auditorium
FILM SCREENING: Ahead of the Silence (Înainte de tăcere) by Alexa Visarion

Înainte de tăcere (1978) marks Alexa Visarion’s debut in cinema, with an open adaptation of În vreme de război (In Wartime), a novel by the classic Romanian author I.L. Caragiale. In Romanian with English subtitles.

RSVP:; 212-687-0180

[Image: Marina Draghici – from Les Indes Galantes (Paris National Opera / Palais Garnier)]

Learn more about the August-September events in our brochure, available online at (in hard copy format at RCINY and selected locations), or by contacting Cristian Neagoe (Communications Coordinator) –, tel: 917-656-4296.

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