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Latest news…. about EDU-WORLD 2006

de (17-3-2006)

First of all allow me to express my gratitude for your option to attend the International Conference EDU-WORLD 2006 that will take place in Pitesti, Romania between the 1st and the 3rd of June 2006.

As you maybe noticed, some fresh news about the organisation are available.

The very important issue is that we extended the registration deadline to 15th of April 2006.

We published the itinerary for the long trip (see Details about the events during this trip should be published later on.

We also diversify the registration fee, according with your specific intentions.

On the Registration page ( we invite you to register first as participant. There are several options such as:

1. Full attendant – registered paper & attending person (max. 2 papers as first author, one volume is included in the registration fee) => 60 Euro (200 RON)
2. Participant – non-attendant, with registered paper, no attendance => 40 Euro (140 RON) (max. 2 papers as first author, one volume is included in the registration fee)
3. Participant at the conference, attendant, no paper as first author, one volume included => 30 Euro (100 RON)
4. University of Pitesti students and deputy assistants – no paper, no volume => 0 Euro (0 RON)
5. University of Pitesti students and deputy assistants – with paper (max. 2 as first author), volume included => 40 Euro (140 RON)

The first author will continue the registration by registering the paper(s) (maximum two papers as first author are accepted). On that page ( the abstract can be \”copy & pasted\” and the full content will be uploaded as Word file. After the paper registration, you will receive a password that will allow you to modify later on the abstract or even the entire paper.

For the foreign participants that want to attend the conference works, we will issue the letters of invitation immediately after the payment of the conference fees into the bank account mentioned on the registration page (

Waiting for all of you here, in Pitesti,
Kindly yours,
President of the Organising Committee


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