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de (11-6-2005)

Below you will find details of:

1) Pinpoint event – 14 July at NPL – GNSS security applications – Protecting the
2) Latest edition of Time & Frequency News
3) Loughborough University LBS Research
4) Joint EPSRC and POST Postgraduate Initiative 2005
5) Website enquiry (US Patent Application # 20040202200)
6) Pinpoint Website: Reminder
7) Date for next news alert

Kind regards
1) Pinpoint event – 14 July at NPL – GNSS security applications – Protecting the

You are invited to join policemen, lawyers, academics, businesspeople and
representatives of the UK government and EU on 14 July to find out about the
security potential of Europe’s Galileo satellite infrastructure – from tracking
criminals to monitoring hazardous shipments.

Topics include:
Ø GNSS for effective policing
Ø Proposed security applications from Galileo
Ø Tracking hazardous cargo
Ø Monitoring offenders – the Home Office trials
Ø Privacy and the social implications of location technology
Ø European security research projects
Ø Lone worker protection
Ø Risk-free recreation and adventure
Ø Security challenges in Europe

Speakers from:
Ø Association of Chief Police Officers
Ø Securicor
Ø Galileo Joint Undertaking
Ø British Chemical Distributors and Traders Association
Ø Department for Transport
Ø Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe
Ø City University
Ø Nottingham Scientific

Time and date:
9am to 3.30pm
Thursday 14 July 2005

National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, London, TW11 0LW

For further details or to register:
020 8943 6754

2) Latest edition of Time & Frequency News

Please find attached (1) the latest edition of Time & Frequency News, a National
Measurement Newsletter from NPL. Contents include articles on how the NPL
caesium fountain is now contributing to International atomic time, The Future of
the MSF radio time signal and an Introduction to Pinpoint .

3) Loughborough University LBS Research

Help Pinpoint Member Loughborough University design the future services that you
would want on your mobile phone and have the chance to win £100 at the same

Click on to find out more
(with no obligation).

Then enter the 3 letter code PPJ when asked to do so at the start of the

You don’t need to be technically-minded to answer the questions, you can be any
age (child or adult) but currently we are encouraging those aged 30-50 to take
part. It should only take about 15 minutes to complete the confidential
questionnaire and you only need to provide your name if you want to be entered
into the draw. IMPORTANT: you must be currently living in the UK

4) Joint EPSRC and POST Postgraduate Initiative 2005
The EPSRC and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) are
offering an opportunity for an EPSRC PhD award holder in their 2nd or 3rd year
to undertake a three month placement at POST. During their time at Parliament,
EPSRC/POST Fellows will work on a policy topic grounded in science and
technology. The main aim of the scheme is to focus on informing
parliamentarians on the Information Technology implications of the issues
arising. The successful applicant will receive a three month fully funded
extension to their PhD award. There is one placement available this year. The
placement will start at an agreed date after 1 January 2006.
The deadline for applications is September 5th 2005, please see the attached
document (2) for more information including application details.

5) Website enquiry (US Patent Application # 20040202200)

We have received an enquiry via the Pinpoint website from a Mr Razmik Hakobyan.
Razmik is a radio physicist, Doctor of physics and mathematics. He claims to
have developed a new method of data transfer by communication systems (US Patent
Application# 20040202200).

The development claims to have a number of advantages compared with the known
methods. Below you can see the \”White Paper\” of the developed method. The
request is for partner companies to collaborate in the research and
implementation of this method.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity or, if you require
additional information, please contact Razmik directly (details at the end of
the attached document (3)). I would be grateful if you could copy me in to any

6) Pinpoint Website: Reminder

Please note that the Pinpoint website has a members
area for you to access information on funding, news and research. The username
is \”member\” and the password is \”pin525point\”

7) Date for next news alert

Friday June 24th 2005
(Should you wish to include anything in the next news alert please email/send me
details no later than Wednesday 22nd June)

Dr Matt Cross
Technology Translator
Hampton Road
TW11 0LW

Tel: +44 (0)208 943 6754
Fax:+44 (0)208 943 7160


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