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Romania: Volunteer English Teacher in Summer Camps

de (1-6-2005)

You applied for this job on Fri May 6 18:07:15 2005. Listed below are the contact details of this agency to allow you to follow up this application.
Contract Type Temporary
Job Location Transylvania, Moldavia, Black Sea Coast Salary great benefits pack

Contact prof. Dorin Apopei
Agency DAD International UK Romania
Address 1 Camil Petrescu Pascani
Region IASI Country Romania
Phone +40 788 473 523 Fax +40 726 164 039

Unmissable Summer Vacation for enthusiastic volunteers! Thought of discovering Eastern Europe? No teaching experience required! Teach English in Romania through informal classes, games & fun, and get the opportunity to meet a great culture and its history. Great benefits from one extremely rewarding and challenging experience. Have the ‘Time of Your Life’, together with 14 new friends in the group of volunteers who’s waiting for you!

No teaching experience required!
DAD International UK-Romania in conjunction with the Romanian Ministry for Education and Research Camps Department is currently seeking volunteers to teach English at summer youth camps.

3-4 weeks placements with all benefits incl.:

-Sess. 1 (17th June-11th July);
-Sess. 2 (08th July-31st July);
-Sess. 3 (28th July-20th August);
-Sess. 4 (17th August-09th September);

Volunteers will be permanently accompanied by our Director(s) who will assist with matters of any kind. No knowledge of the Romanian language is necessary (although a phrasebook is provided) since the emphasis is on improving conversational skills by constant exposure to the English in a fun environment.

Free of charge:

-Full board accommodation (incl. vegetarians);
-hotel in Bucharest;
-travel insurance;
-excursions (Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Moldavian Painted Monasteries,Brasov, Carpathian mountains resorts, etc.)
-3 day Bucharest sightseeing&shopping tour;
-medical service;
-daily internet access;

Qualifications / Experience Required:
Teaching experience is not essential as comprehensive guidance will be provided before and during the camps through a supportive network of Romanian and British teachers. Full board accommodation is provided in fully equipped facilities, and a full range of multimedia teaching aids is available to assist in class preparation.

Volunteers’ responsibility for the children is limited to only 4-6 hours a day, during „classes” and afternoon & evening activities.
These camps offer an unmissable opportunity to discover a country of great cultural wealth and unparalleled beauty. At the end of programme volunteers will be handed over a Certificate of Participation, signed and stamped by both Romanian Ministry and DAD International, very important CV entry for further career.
Volunteers pay only for return flight and a low one-off administration fee.

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